Our top priority:
The quality.

The quality of our products has the highest priority! The high demand for impeccable quality forms the basis of our and your success! That is why we rely on 100 % control of all our products Every process and every manufactured dimension is digitally recorded right from the start to ensure the best possible traceability of every single component.

Accuracy of a few micrometers.

Components manufactured in the accuracy range of a few micrometers (0.001 mm) require state-of-the-art measuring equipment that meets these demands.

For this purpose we have a variety of measuring equipment at our disposal

  • 3D coordinate measuring machines from Zeiss operated in specially air-conditioned rooms under optimum measuring conditions
  • Optical measuring systems from Keyence
  • Roughness measuring systems from Mahr
  • Numerous standard measuring devices

All our measuring equipment is subject to ISO specifications and is regularly calibrated and maintained to ensure the highest accuracy and correctness.

The continuous optimization and development of our manufacturing techniques and products is further confirmed by our ISO 9001:2015 certification. All our processes are subject to strict quality control.

Qualitätsarbeit von Holm Silicium