Laser- und Röntgenoptik Silicium

Laser and X-ray optics
(synchrotron optics)

In the field of laser and X-ray optics (Synchrotron Optics) we produce blanks, as well as finished polished mirrors in cooperation with our partners.

Besides the standard orientation <100> we can also offer you all special orientations <311>, <111>(e.g. <311>, <111>,…). Here, if desired, accuracies of < < 0.02° deviation of the planes are possible.

In addition to the pre-ground mirrors, we can also offer you certain polished mirrors. Let us know your specification (flatness, shape accuracy, roughness,…) and, we will gladly check the feasibility or forward you to one of our partners for further discussion.

Possible dimensions:

  • Length up to 1500 mm (special lengths up to 1800 mm possible)
  • Standard diameters or resulting cross sections: 200 mm, 300 mm
  • Special diameters up to 450 mm possible
  • Mirror mounts


  • Silicon
  • Zerodur
  • Germanium
  • ULE
  • Quarz
  • SiC

Machining possibilities:

  • Radius-, Cylindrical, Toric and elliptical Surfaces
  • Holes for cooling, brackets
  • Grooves
  • Other shapes

Let us know and we will be happy to check the feasibility of your idea!

IR (Infrared) Optics.

Here we can offer blanks for lenses, domes, as well as plane plates and disks.

  • Possible diameters: approx. 700 mm, or possible rectangles from this cross-section.
  • Pre-ground domes
  • Polished plane plates, -disks

Besides silicon we can also offer IR parts made of

  • Sapphire
  • Germanium
Holm Silicium
Holm Silicium

SPECIAL OPTICS in the field of laser and X-ray optics
laser and X-ray optics.

  • Monochromators
  • Channel Cuts

Channel cuts are another special field of optics. We have a lot of experience in the production of Channel Cuts. Due to continuous development and optimization of our manufacturing process we are able to polish the optical surfaces without damaging the crystal structure. On the other hand, we can achieve accuracies of the crystal planes of < 0.01°.