Wide range of services thanks to
state-of-the-art technology.

With a machine park of more than 80 machines (constantly growing), we can offer the complete value chain from raw material input to the finished packaged cleanroom component.

All our machines are state of the art. This enables us to offer you the following range of services.

  • Workpiece dimensions < 1 mm up to lengths of 1800 mm
  • 5-axis machining up to diameter 1400 mm
  • Accuracies of a few µm
  • Polished / ground / etched surfaces
  • Lot sizes from 1 – X

Just let us know your wishes and ideas to find the best possible solution together with you.

Rundschleife Holm Silicium

Our products.


  1. CAD construction
  2. raw material testing
  3. band-/ ID-/ wire saws
  4. surface (flat) / cylindrical grinding
  5. 3/4/5-axis CNC machining centers
  6. lapping
  7. polishing
  8. etching
  9. cleaning: Ultrasonic, SC1, SC2
  10. quality control (X-ray measurement, tactile/optical measurement)
  11. clean room cleaning and packing


  1. Silicon (Si)
    • Multi Crystal (Multi) Material
      • p oder n-Typ
      • < 0,02 Ohmxcm (0,005-0,02 Ohmxcm) or 0,5 – 2 Ohmxcm (> 1 ohmxcm)
    • Single Crystals (Mono) Material (gezogene Stäbe)
      • FZ (float zone) oder CZ (Czochralski ) oder QM (Quasimono)
      • All common dopands, resisitvities, crystal orientation and diameter.
      • Special resistors and diameter sizes also possible
  2. Aluminum oxide (Al2O3 sintered)
  3. Silicon carbide (Sintered SiC or CVD SiC)
  4. Fused silica (SiO2)
    • All common types of fused silica from Heraeus, GE, Corning, ULE, …
  5. Saphir (Al2O3)
  6. Germanium (Ge)
  7. ULE-Glass
  8. Glassy-Carbon
  9. Zerodur
  10. Siliziumnitrid (Si3N4)
  11. Similar materials on request