Thin Film / Coating Industry / Target

Thin Film / Coating Industry / Target

Targets in different sizes.

In the coating or thin film industry (sputter industry) silicon is an essential element for the coating of a wide variety of materials and applications (window glass, displays up to DVD and Blu-Rays).

We can offer you targets of different sizes and geometry.

  • Diameter up to approx. 700 mm (poly or mono)
  • Rectangles of approx. 500×800 mm² as single part
  • Any shape (round, radius, free form) are possible by our CNC machine park
  • Tube targets
  • MBE (components made of high purity silicon (> 5000 Ohmxcm)

Best possible choice of materials.

We offer, depending on the process, the best possible or desired resistance and doping of the silicon:

  • Poly or Mono Silicon
  • Purity from 5N to 11N.
  • Standard resistivity 0,5-2,5 Ohmxcm and < <0,02 Ohmxcm, with p/Boron doping
  • Special doping of n-types of As, phosphorus,… for mono targets are possible
  • Undoped silicon